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A Site With a Soul

Most people think that the role of a hotel website is to maximize bookings by prioritizing information like room size, amenity listings, and distance to public transportation. But actually the role of your site should be to tell stories that speak to the emotional needs of your customers because people don't come to your site to transact. They come to your site to see if they can connect with your values and beliefs – to see what you have to offer, beyond just a room.

Don't sell. Story tell.

Aggregator sites like, Expedia, and Trip Advisor do a great job of answering rational questions like "What do the rooms look like?", "How much does it cost?", and "What kind of amenities does it have?" But they don't do a good job of answering questions like "Is the bed comfortable?", "What are their services like?", or "will they be able to help me plan my weekend?" But these are types of questions that help customers decide between  hotels with seemingly similar services. In order to answer questions like this, you need a website that tells a different story.

A forward-thinking website, built for forward-thinking businesses.

This is why we created Grand Standard – a website designed to meet the needs of today's customers, in the context of today's ecosystem. Instead of focusing on selling and transacting, our focus is more holistic, because choosing somewhere to stay (whether it's for one night or seven) is always about more than just the room.

Connecting to what matters

In addition to highlighting your accommodations, we've included ways to showcase the menu you've worked so hard to prepare, the experiences and events you offer, as well as the content you carefully curate.

We've also integrated answers to important questions throughout the site so that potential customers have all the information they need, the moment they need it.

Design Features:

  • Landing pages to share what it's like to stay with you, dine with you, participate in activities/events you host, as well as a place dedicated to sharing information about your company, e.g. why you started it.
  • Create individual pages for your rooms, but also create individual pages for your hotels amenities, whether that's a game-room, a restaurant, or a pool.
  • Don't just post a PDF of your menu, create menu landing pages, with individual item pages (add images for extra impact) connected through custom categories, allowing people to discover menu items they might have previously ignored.
  • Experience landing pages for things like wine tours, or bike tours.
  • Event pages + Event category pages for things like meet-ups, or conferences.
  • Article pages + Article category pages for inspiring guests where to go or what to see.
  • Frequently answered questions integrated throughout the site to reduce emails and phone calls.
  • Fully integrated CMS system to support it all.
  • 100% customizable. Easily change the colors and the fonts. Or don't it's up to you.